Print-to-Web tool of B&K

Although B&K Offsetdruck GmbH applies itself mainly to the business field of print products as a printing company, we recognise the potentials for innovative technologies. Our goal is to link these with your products and thereby create unique possibilities. The media production system NEOzenzai® by NEO 7even and the Print-to-Web app Shortcut from our partner company Shortcut Media AG allow you to fully exploit cross-media potentials.

The principle of our Print-to-Web tool

Each image or PDF can be activated quickly and easily, and linked to added content. The possibilities for linking are virtually limitless: Videos, photo galleries, online store, sweepstakes or coupons.

The simple content management system also offers you a detailed assessment of your campaign. See how often, when and where your campaign or advert has been photographed and read by readers. Our eMedia product has already been used in a variety of ways by publishing houses and companies.

Integration & assessment

The page or the image is the "code". There are no disturbing elements in the print product as a result. The technology does not require any other codes or watermarks. It's therefore unnecessary to interfere with the original documents. The page or the image simply has to be "activated". By doing so, activation of the content is also possible after printing.

If you enhance your print advert or your catalogue with digital content, you will generate new subscriptions or increase your online traffic as a result. We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on our Shortcut app in a personal session.


NEOzenzai® simplifies your media production. "Complete rather than complex" reads the motto of NEO 7even GmbH. B&K Offsetdruck is a solution partner of the Siegener company. Media database (PIM), management system (MMS), print production (PDM) and the classic web-to-print all in one system - from B&K Offsetdruck.

We don't want to go without flexibility in the process. Those involved in the production process have direct access to all data. Creation of workflows, print planning and production via mind mapping, database-supported page population, and dynamic web editor support you in marketing management and the publishing process.

Various demands - one solution - NEOzenzai®. Ask us how we can simplify your media production with NEOzenzai®.


With the app developed by us, you can easily design your personalised and special print product using drag&drop. After you have selected a basic product (4-pager, 6-pager, etc.), additional pages, varnishes, gimmicks or mechanics can be added at any locations in ppDesigner. The ready-designed product can be saved, shared or send to B&K Offsetdruck for consulting.

ppDesigner is meanwhile also supplemented by a product weight calculator.