Added value for readers and customers

Create digital added value with your print products using our Print-to-Web app Shortcut by kooaba AG. Publishing houses and companies link magazines, catalogues or any other kind of print product with the digital world. Activation and enhancement of the pages with added content is quick and easy for you.

Readers can take a photo of your advert or an entire print page with the Shortcut app and immediately get additional information directly on their smartphone.

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Benefits of Print-to-Web

Readers discover added content such as videos, photo galleries, coupons or sweepstakes. They also have an option of saving the print article in a personal archive, such as further sharing of read articles via social networks, e-mail and text messaging.

In this way, publishing houses and companies upgrade articles and printed adverts using digital offers. In addition, you can increase your online traffic with appealing added content.

Campaigns with Print-to-Web

The Print-to-Web tool of B&K Offsetdruck GmbH has already been used successfully in a wide number of applications in the field. A daily newspaper is enabled with the Shortcut app. The classic print medium links to blogs, photo galleries and a continuously updated online platform. Readers of a cooking magazine can collect recipes via the Shortcut app and watch cooking videos. From a poster advertisement, the Shortcut app links to a sweepstakes as well as discount promotions.

NEOzenzai® media production system

Production processes are becoming more and more complex, responsibilities more and more unclear. Our mutual challenge is to prevent redundancies and inefficient work. NEOzenzai® by NEO 7even GmbH offers the ideal solution for this.

NEOzenzai® ensures that you have central data storage for all parties involved. Its operation is simple and logical - mind mapping structures make operation easier.

The system facilitates simple multi-channel publishing by means of web-editor and InDesign server.

We are a solutions partner of NEO 7even GmbH. We would be happy to send you more info.