Pre-press in offset printing


In digital pre-press, we at B&K lay the foundation for your finished product. We review the delivered data for usability and correctness for printing. Using digital sheet assembly, we then position the pages on the print sheet. In all of our work steps, we always keep in mind post-print processing, even as early as the print pre-press stage, and use Apple computers as well as Windows systems of the newest generation.

Computer to plate

In our platesetters, the printing plates are exposed to light with a resolution of up to 2,540 dpi. In addition to autotypical grids, we can also output frequency-modulated grids. Hybrid grids, a combination of both screen systems, are also possible.

Colour accuracy

For true-colour reference proofs in the latest ECI profiles, we at B&K use an Epson 4880 in conjunction with "CMG Color Proof 05".

Print data archiving

We archive your print data for 3 months. Should you need a longer archiving period, speak to our Order Management department.

Downloads and info

We have provided further information for you here: