Sheet-fed offset printing

For small and medium runs

We implement customer requirements using the newest generation of the Heidelberg Speedmaster series. The appeal of our sheet-fed offset machines has been enhanced by additional equipment and specifically tailored to your needs.

Options with sheet-fed offset printing

We are highly automated, but remain highly versatile for you. Inline kiss cutting, die cutting, creasing, and perforating with perfect printing are all possible at our print shop.

We have specialised in sheet-fed offset printing for years in the use of daylight luminous varnishes, inline finishing and inline die-cutting.

Ask our Sales department about this, who would be happy to show you the sheet-fed offset printing options we offer.

Our machines in sheet-fed offset printing at a glance

Machines in the format 72 x 102 cm

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 4-Colour
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 1-Colour UV Varnish

Machines in the format 75 x 105 cm

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 5-Colour Varnish
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 8-Colour Varnish (8/0 or 4/4-colour)
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 10-Colour Varnish (10/0 or 4/6-colour)

Optimum quality

For optimum quality in the overall print image, we use the quality and control system Image Control. The spectrophotometric system offers you reliability and consistently high print quality in sheet-fed offset printing.