Covers with attention-getters

B&K Offsetdruck GmbH produces covers fitting your brand and your target audience. Whether high-quality women's magazines, news magazines, TV papers or catalogues - we print unique covers. To do this, we implement a wide variety of finishing applications, for example: Drip-off, hybrid or simply "deep varnish". Blind embossments, film embossments and laminations - there are many options.

We will develop your specific cover in consultation with you. We won the coveted Innovation Award of the German Printing Industry for our ribbed cover (3rd place in the category of "Consumer publications, trade magazines and newspapers").

Below we have given a selection of the covers we have already implemented. We would be happy to render even more of them possible. Ask the experts of B&K Offsetdruck GmbH.

French cover & altar flaps

Flaps give entirely new insights: The so-called "French door" or "altar flaps" encourage the reader to open your advertisement fully: The slogan or the advertising theme can therefore be expanded or modified.
Advertisements with paper mechanics have substantially increased advertising appeal.

This allows for the best placement of your promotion.

Ribbed cover

B&K also prints covers that have ribs. Using horizontally or vertically arranged ribs, a before/after effect can be implemented superbly. Our offset print shop has also been distinguished for this innovation.

Covers with posters

A cover can be far more than simply advert space. We print covers that can be folded out from a standard product format into a poster many times larger. Only the content on the inner cover page can be seen at first. When folded out vertically, further information is visible. After being folded out more horizontally, the reader discovers a large-sized poster - your sales message gets a ton of exposure as a result.

Covers with pop-ups

We print covers and "hide" your personalised pop-up between the pages. Once the reader turns the cover page, a pop-up in the cover is propped up automatically. A favourable surprise effect that the reader will try out several times. The message and brand will linger in their memories.

Covers with press cuts

Press cuts generate a special effect. As a result of only part of the following page being visible, the reader's curiosity will be stirred up. The reader turns the page with increased attentiveness. The advertisement will not be skipped over carelessly.

(Using press cuts, we can hint at certain spaces or break through them so that a part of the following page is visible. The reader is not only occupied with your advertisement, but with your sales message.)