Facts and figures

Up to 60 million pages per day

Production for you is carried out on 15,000 m² of production space in three shifts. We produce about 55,000 printing plates annually and completely digitally, and manufacture 34,000 tonnes of white paper into various high-quality print products.

When printing in 4 or 5 colours, our daily capacity covers over 60 million DIN A4 pages, 4 million folding processes and 1 million wire stitching processes.

B&K at a glance

  • Company founded in 1969
  • Medium-sized, owner-operated company
  • 210 employees in three-shift operation
  • Pre-press
  • Sheet-fed and web-fed offset printing
  • Extensive post-print processing
  • Products: Classic and innovative print products from covers to magazines to mailings, as well as supplemental eMedia (Print2web)
  • Customers: Magazine publishing houses, industry, consignors, book publishing houses and agencies; in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and England
  • Print capacity per day: 60 million DIN A4 pages or 3.75 million 16-page brochures, or 80 tonnes of paper.
  • Consumption of printing plates: 55,000 parts/year
  • Consumption of printing colours and varnishes: 400 tonnes/year
  • about 4 million folding processes/day
  • about 1 million stitching processes/day