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Our customers call us “speciality printers” because, also during post-press processing runs on their printed matter, we do not work according to pre-set patterns, but we always come up with new ideas... As one of the most innovative sheet-fed and web offset printing works in Germany, our particular strengths lie in the perfect handling of large numbers of impressions combined with short production times. We handle complex print productions quickly and efficiently, using the most up-to-date machinery and units that can be combined in many different ways.

Our machines for print finishing

QuantityMachinesSpecial features
3Guillotine cutting machinesCutting width: 1150 mm
14Folding machinesInput sizes: 360 - 1120 mm
Processing options: gluing - perforating - trimming - gate folding - postcard gluing - pack deliveries for multi-purpose processing
2Label dispensers 
2Specialist folding machines with aggregatesProcessing options: cutting and perforating - hot glue - glued folds - double postcards - pick & place for 3D products, postcards, cheque cards, CDs with and without sleeves, and much more.
2OHZ letterpress machinesProcessing options: die cutting - kiss cutting - perforating - grooving
1Insert machine 3 Stations: inserts can be placed in any position
3Saddle-stitchers Equipment: 4 to 8 sheet- and cover feeders - gluing station for CDs, postcards, and samples - extra fold feeder - ring eyelets - two-up production - triple-up production - stacker and shrink tunnel - quire fold
1In-line punching unit for figurative punching 
1Quire fold machine Quire folding of web offset products for enveloping
1UV inkjet with up to 4-inch addressingproducts remain in-house up to postal delivery, including rate optimisation and addressing.
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