They welcome the customer precisely at a place that e-marketing does not reach: in the offline world.

Other than digital media, printed magazines, brochures and product catalogues have distinct advantages: Made from a durable material, they are picked up again and again, which makes them a perfect distribution channel. As regards the overall appearance, the print quality, type of binding, refined special effects and original Ad specials give it a special high quality appearance. Regardless of whether we are talking about a high or low number of impressions, and whether they are saddle-stitched or adhesive-bound, and classically or spectacularly refined, - with B&K you have one of the fastest and most innovative printers in Germany as your partner.

Types of binding

  • (Polyurethane) PUR adhesive binding
  • Swiss brochure (the content, prepared separately, is glued into the envelope)
  • Open adhesive binding
  • Thread stitching

Special processing

  • Putting addresses on envelopes
  • Populating printed matter with supplements, booklets, etc.
  • Applying postcards, CDs, tea bags, etc.
  • Eyelet stitching
  • “LEGO fastening” (rounded bracket ends)
  • Punched holes (e.g. for hanging up a calendar)
  • Eurohole punching
  • Outer contour punching
  • Labelling and closure labelling
  • Self-mailer closure flap
  • Quire folding

Some of our products

B&K in context

Brochures • Supplements

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Supplementary booklets

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