Countdown for perfect printed products

At the pre-press stage, we define the basis for the successful completion of your project together: viz. the precise preparation of the data for the various production processes. And what’s more: We will be happy to develop unique ideas and special creative solutions that put you and your customers on the home stretch, together with you.

Your printed matter takes shape via digital sheet assembly and computer-to-plate exposure, with a resolution of up to 2,540 dpi. As a first edition, autotypical, frequency-modulated as well as hybrid grids are available. We generate true colour reference proofs in the current ECI offset profiles on an Epson SC P5000 in connection with “GMG Color Proof”.

A word about data management: We save your print data for 3 months. An extension of said archival period is absolutely possible. Please contact our order management.

B&K in context


The passion with which the B&K team puts its technical expertise to good use in order to control the printing processes with rapid responses and precision is nothing short of ...

Post-press processing

Our customers call us “speciality printers” because, also during post-press processing runs on their printed matter, we do not work according to pre-set patterns, but we always ...

Logistics • Packing • Shipping • Storage

We place great value on your printed matter arriving at the advised destinations safely and on time – naturally packed the way you wish. A final spurt is always on the cards at ...