Exceptional eyecatchers, including in large volumes

In response to the question, “Can you do it on an urgent basis this time”, we generally answer “Yes”. How can we do that? Because we are able to respond quickly, we have the technical capacities and it is important to us that you mutually benefit from the cooperation. For example, in the production of brochures or supplements, we supply those to you ready to use.

A particular plus: We can also produce millions of impressions of special formats inline and fast by using the web offset method, inclusive of rotational gluing and full-surface or spot-varnished exteriors. 

What else can you do? Lots more, such as coupons, entrance tickets and loose or bound inserts impressively transformed into fascinating ad specials - or even special refining technologies.


  • Coupon perforations, lengthwise and across
  • Printing in special tones
  • Gloss/matt varnishing combined with spot or full-surface UV varnishing.

Some of our products

B&K in context


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Magazines • Brochures • Catalogues

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Mailshots • Self-mailings

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