Whether it is a one-off order, a small number or a large number of impressions – professionally printed, perfectly bound and finished in premier quality.

What Gutenberg started over 570 years ago we continue to pursue professionally today with the most advanced printing methods and special finishing options: the production of books. Whether it is a specialised book, an illustrated book or an art book, a friendship or marriage book, a chronicle, an anniversary publication or your own self-published work: B&K gets the job done, in virtually any scope, with adhesive PUR binding within a soft cover, thread stitching within a hard cover, coated with protective varnish or exquisitely refined.


  • Foil lamination
  • Special color
  • Minting

Some of our products

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Magazines • Brochures • Catalogues

Other than digital media, printed magazines, brochures and product catalogues have distinct advantages: Made from a durable material, they are picked up again and again, which ...


Their handy format and high quality appearance make booklets the all-rounders in the marketing mix. Jazzed up through innovative finishing or special processing, booklets in the form ...

Hits for Kids

Creative printed products for children and young people are one of our top specialities, where we harness the vast range of diverse production techniques and finishing variants ...