One of the most effective, interactive marketing instruments

High quality, durable and original – three reasons why stickers are great interactive marketing tools. Especially if they are refined in an eye-catching way, with fluorescent colours, film, glitter lacquers or scents. Whether customised, writeable or on fully recyclable adhesive paper: Whether as a sheet of discount coupons or in coupon booklets, stickers ensure customer visits to the shop and inspire young and old alike to creatively design books and collectors’ albums in the form of sticker booklets.

Another thing: With B&K, you have the perfect partner for innovative and high quality prints because, as one of the leading sticker products in Europe, we repeatedly enjoy proving our expertise, quality and quick execution.

Some of our products

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Magazines • Brochures • Catalogues

Other than digital media, printed magazines, brochures and product catalogues have distinct advantages: Made from a durable material, they are picked up again and again, which ...

Hits for Kids

Creative printed products for children and young people are one of our top specialities, where we harness the vast range of diverse production techniques and finishing variants ...


They catch your customers' attention and encourage them to buy: Envelopes or covers. The exclusively finished sales magnets produced by B&K using the sheet-fed and web offset ...