Reduce costs, save time and increase the effect

Our innovative and cooperative approach encourages us to develop flexible production services for our customers every day. With the digital publishing solutions of B&K, you save time and costs. We help you achieve your marketing and communication goals faster.

Marketing portals: perfect workflow accelerators

The ideal way to procure and distribute your standardised and recurring printed matter and marketing materials: With our digital print-on-demand portals, we supply you quickly, cost-effectively and Corporate Identity-compliant when you order visiting cards, headed paper and printed advertising matter for your branches or dealers. We make a central online marketing portal available to you, customised for your company, where all your master data and printing templates are kept, ready for you to easily edit and order. Approval procedures also secure the workflows.

Variable data publishing: higher response ratio, enhanced customer relations

With personalised communication, you can speak to the needs of each customer, increase response rates and enhance your customer relations. With the effective variable data publishing solution, abbreviated to VDP, we put your printed advertising messages, e.g. in the form of individualised catalogues, magazines, mailshots or supplements on the home stretch - in other words: segmented for each individual customer.

As a team player, in particular with large projects we collaborate with technical and creative partners. This enables us to not only implement technical solutions but provide the necessary graphic elaboration.

B&K in context


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Hybrid production

Hybrid production: a highly flexible procedure that pays off. For example, by our transforming pre-produced mailshots via Variable Data Publishing using offset printing or ...


We have found B&K an ideal production partner to take care of our mailings from the planning to delivery stage. Hybrid mailings are a successful and cost-effective option for us...