Multi-sensory customer contactors with a direct effect

These are the real stars in the grand arena of our printed products. Ad specials transform catalogue envelopes and magazine covers into unique eye-catchers. They create scented experiences in magazines and brochures or on greetings cards, and enhance the advertising messages of mailshots, supplements or booklets.

Let yourself be inspired by the diverse B&K refining effects, special paper mechanics and special finishings.

Ad specials, applied to the outside, for envelopes, inserts and tying devices:

  • Pop-up, zip door or sliding door (sliding mechanism)
  • Folding mechanisms with a lot of finesse, such as French door or altar folds
  • Refined advent calendars

Integrated ad specials for supplements, booklets and mailshots:

  • Slats (e.g. for changing themes, such as before/after illustrations)
  • Posters
  • Panoramic altar
  • Samples of goods attached, such as sachets of cream, tea bags, CDs, greetings cards, etc.
  • Serialisation of access codes or winning codes

...and lots more.

Time is of the essence. That is why we will not continue to enumerate here what else can be done. Rather, we will be happy to develop effect ad specials, which can be produced economically and match your brand message exactly, together with you.

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