Post-print processing

Exceptional finished products with B&K

There is more to be done after printing ...

The print sheet produced in sheet-fed offset printing or unfolded in the rotary press turn into exceptional finished products in our extensive Post-Print Processing department. We have been designated "one of the most innovative sheet-fed and web-fed offset print shops in Germany" in the field of post-print processing by the trade magazine "Deutscher Drucker".

Whether a flyer, insert, bound-in insert, cover or mailing - we make your product one of a kind. Folding, cutting, saddle stitching, personalising, die-cutting and perforating are of course also possible in our extensive range of post-print processing.

Resources for post-print processing

Our modern machines allow for a variety of possibilities in post-print processing:

  • 4 guillotine cutting systems with a cutting width of 115 cm
  • 17 folding machines with feed-in widths of 36-94 cm as well as equipment for gluing, perforating, trimming, "altar folding", glueing postcards, pack delivery for multiple-sheet processing
  • 4 label affixing devices
  • 2 special folding machines with power units, timed cutting and perforating, hot-melt rubberising, glue-folding, postcard duplication, lateral end trimming
  • 2 OHZ letterpress printing machines: Kiss cutting, die-cutting, perforating and creasing
  • Herzog Heymann, Pick & Place adhesion machine, affixing of postcards, cheque cards, CDs with or without a sleeve, coins and 3-D products
  • 4 saddle stitchers with 3, 4 and 8 sheet feeders as well as cover feeders, adhesion station for CDs and postcards, ring eyelets, double-sheet production, compensating stacker and shrink tunnel
  • Inline die-cutting unit for figured press cuts
  • UV inkjet up to 4-inch addressing: Products in-house down to postal delivery, including postage optimisation and addressing. Performance Partner and GoGreen Partner of the Deutsche Post