Glued / stitched bound-in inserts

Cover wraps, stickers and gimmicks

Glued or stitched bound-in inserts, cover wraps, labels and enclosed gimmicks - promotions, special items and incentives can be cleverly integrated into magazines using these. B&K Offsetdruck GmbH provides you with these print products in traditional variants or with smart alternations that will surprise, attract attention and thereby have promotional effect.

We will develop the right promotional format with you. Contact us!

Glued /stitched bound-in inserts

Glued or stitched bound-in inserts that fall out. Place your sales message with a high degree of presence in a special section of a magazine. So bind coupons, entry forms for sweepstakes, calendars or even traditional advertising. And because we have many years of professional experience in this field, we naturally take into account the technical feasibility in post-print processing.

Effects for your glued/stitched bound-in inserts

Together with you, we will develop your glued or stitched bound-in inserts into an exceptional customised product that fits your brand and message. So, for instance, a Pop-up generates maximum attention with the viewer. The advertised product is emphatically presented by popping up when the page is turned. Our shutter bound-in insert also provides for a surprising effect, by which the appearance of your bound-in insert can change completely. By folding down the vertical or horizontal shutter, another illustration of your advertisement is revealed.

The changed illustration can be used, for example, for a before/after effect, or else for the presentation of two-part products in one advertisement. A very successful design is our Zip door. The reader is enticed to expose the hidden message. Studies have shown that few readers can resist unzipping the page. This interaction clearly makes for exceptionally high attentiveness with the reader.

We have many more creative ideas and look forward to hearing from you.

On bound

On bound in magazines - you can't get much better advertising placement. A shortened cover around the cover generates additional advertising space and suggests added value to the customer. Labels are also frequently used as cover wraps. The appeal of your magazine is significantly enhanced as a result.

Sticker production

One of our specialties is the production of labels or adhesive labels. Our customers often use this type of product for Easter or Christmas greetings, flower labels for Mother's Day and several other occasions. The additional use of daylight luminous varnishes, film finishing or scented varnishes, always makes an impression with the reader - everyday print products from B&K Offsetdruck.

The labels are usually applied in the centre of the magazine or as a cover wrap, but can also be used as a loose insert or as an inserted card.

One particular format for labels printing is our so-called "Memostick" In this tailor-made product, we print your sales message on a kind of post-it, which can be placed on the title page or on the editorial pages.