Printing inserts

B&K - exceptional insert printing

Inserts come in a wide variety of formats, sizes and processing options. With publisher inserts, you can supplement magazines with editorial content. With promotional inserts, you can convey product information and sales messages. We implement both directions of content each and every day at B&K Offsetdruck GmbH in the form of various print products.

We demonstrate a great deal of quickness and flexibility, even with multi-page, high-circulation inserts. Flyers, multi-page booklets or even one of our bespoken products are great examples of our products in the area of insert printing.

Our experts develop innovative ideas in insert printing. Deviating from the norm offers a high potential for captivating readers and customers.

Imaginative inserts by B&K

In the midst of many sales messages, the reader's attention must be grabbed by something remarkable. Using an attention-getter, a real eye catcher among the conventional print products. The surprise, captivation and premium value of a print product are the most important factors of success for a sales message being committed to memory.

One of the greatest strengths of B&K Offsetdruck GmbH is the development of new kinds of print products. In doing so, we stress the technical implementation and profitability of your product. Because a new product has to work in the overall picture. That will equal success for us and for you.

Have B&K Offsetdruck GmbH print your inserts as well.