Print finishing at B&K

Finishing for print jobs at a high level

In order to make your high-quality print works even more valuable, we offer you various options for finishing. From full-surface UV varnish to spot coating to drip-off or hybrid varnish, a large number of options are possible. Regardless of whether matte or glossy.

In sheet-fed offset printing, we coat on a special UV varnish machine or inline on all XL machines with dispersion varnish and coating.

In web-fed offset printing, we can use coating in the 5th double strike plant and also utilise inline UV varnish on all machines.

Matte, glossy or with structure

We make the appearance of your print product as glossy as you want:

With dispersion varnish in print finishing, we generate special matte or glossy surfaces. With UV varnish, covers or special print products turn into high-gloss eye catchers. We can coat the entire surface of your print product or achieve structures and spatial effects by means of coating.

Spot varnish, drip-off or hybrid varnishes.

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Finish with scented coatin and glues

We also specialise in scented coatings - if you would like a brochure with up to 8 different fragrances, then we're your partner.

But we at B&K not only work with different varnishes, but also have also developed the option to process scented glues.

Embossment & effects

Your products are rounded off with film embossments and blind embossments. These post-print processing options lend your product a particularly valuable appearance.

Using various methods we achieve premium effects with embossing films that you can see and feel. Relief effects can be reinforced in this way or the contrast between rough and glossy areas can be made more noticeable.

With the aid of a blind embossment, letters and structures are brought out in a particularly elegant manner.

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