After all, it is all about the first impression

They catch your customers' attention and encourage them to buy: Covers. The exclusively finished sales magnets produced by B&K using the sheet-fed and web offset method and digital printingensure that your catalogues and magazines reach their destination: the hands of many customers and readers. By using the web offset method inline, we produce envelopes - at grammages of up to 300 g/m² – and refine them.


  • Functional or eye-catching punching,
  • UV varnishes,
  • Protective varnishes,
  • Portrait or landscape perforations.

To the Finishings

Ad specials

One of our specialities is to garnish covers with fascinating ad specials, such as with the lamellar B&K cover, which has won the coveted innovation award of the German Printing Industry.

Good to know:

We produce the goods so fast that we can respond at very short notice to current changes without lowering the quality or finesse. Quite the opposite: You can always expect top quality results from us regardless of whether rectangular, hexagonal or octagonal altar covers, or special individually designed covers, are required.

In addition, we are simultaneously fast and precise: Upon request, we print envelopes using the hybrid or FM screening method in order to guarantee a fine, photo-realistic reproduction of an image.

To the ad specials

Some of our products

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