The fine differences between a chocolate box and envelopes from B&K

Envelopes belong to the most essential components of a magazine or catalogue because they need to sell the product inside, within less than one second. In the twinkling of an eye. That is where printing technology and special finishings come into the picture. B&K specialises in just that. It is with enthusiasm that our customers, including well-known publishers and mail order companies, as well as us too, repeatedly realise how attractive our all-round print finishings appear, given how visually and haptically captivating they are. For example, if we confer an aura of excellence upon envelopes, achieve a spatial effect, emphasise structures elegantly and, on top of that, make the surface of the paper extremely resistant to abrasion and scratches using UV varnish, either partially, over the entire area or in patches - and in addition on both sides.

Inline finishing options save time and money

And the best thing about it is that we can execute many finishing variants in a single operation. Inline punching, for example, refining the paper with fluorescent colours or combining matt oil print coating with drip-off varnish or UV varnish. It is not for nothing that we have already been distinguished several times in a row with the “Innovation Prize of the German Printing Industry” for our creative ability.